Testimonial 4

To whom it may concern,

This testimonial concerns Pam Conley’s business, “Crystal Clear Cleaning Service”.

My input on Pam’s services provided for me and my family over the years is outstanding. Her logo Crystal Clear Cleaning Service says it All. As soon as I come home from work and unlock the door, I am greeted with the most welcome and refreshing aroma of pure cleanliness! Not only does my whole home smell like liquid sunshine, but my furniture and floors sparkle under Pam’s devotion to obtaining her utmost satisfaction in cleanness for me. I am most grateful to have her, particularly because I only decorate using antiques, some quite valuable and Pam oversees the absolute appropriate method of caring for them. She is thorough in her practices and attends to a fun and dedicated method of making sure everything is in its place as she leaves. I would recommend Pam to anyone who is looking for help around their home because she is warm, friendly, fun and a good friend to me! They say a man’s home is his castle…but thanks to Pam …my home is my “Spa Spot”.

Thank you Pam. You are invaluable to me…and my “Spa Spot”.
Fondly, Jeanne
PS: “Please don’t ever leave me